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        About OneMa1ze

        • Stronger, better together

          Students hold paper cutouts that spell out OneMa1ze. Our vision for a united school district began as a collective goal among Maize USD 266 administrative staff members at the beginning of the 2015-16 year. It since has inspired student artwork, charitable cooperation, a flash mob, and more.

          From Eagles and Mavericks collaborating on fundraising community projects to high school students helping in our preschool classrooms, we are stronger together.

          Thank you for your support, and please use the hashtag #OneMa1ze on social media to be a part of our story!

        Connect. Learn. Lead.


        • What is best for our students??

          My district administrative team members know this is a question they often will hear me ask, as it is one that guides my decision-making as the superintendent of schools here at Maize USD 266.?I want to ensure that Maize -- and its students and employees -- have great success. I aim to be fiscally responsible by striving for an efficient and strong education, not a cheap one, guided primarily by one question: What is best for our students? It will not always be an easy question to answer, but I look forward to the opportunity to seek an answer nonetheless.?Thank you again for your?continued support of this great district. We are better together working as OneMa1ze. Sincerely,?Dr. Chad Higgins, Superintendent of Schools chiggins@usd266.com (Please click on the headline to read an expanded view of this message.)

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        • Maslow's Pantry logo Maslow's Pantry a free resource for entire OneMa1ze community

          Maslow's Pantry is a students-helping-students program that provides food, hygiene items, and clothes to students, their families, and others in our community. The pantry is in the building in front of Maize High School that formerly served as the police station. Maslow's respects anonymity and depends on donations. Students visit to select items they need. 

          How you can support Maslow's Pantry

          Others interested in helping can deliver donations to the front office at Maize High, 11600 W. 45th St. North in Maize. Needs include dried boxed food, personal hygiene items, and prom dresses. A local business will dry clean and alter gowns for Maslow's prom dress exchange, which started last year and aims to be even larger this spring. Thank you for your support!

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